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11 June 2009 @ 12:43 am
Best Vehicle for Each Character  
I'm working on a list of the best vehicles to use with each character.  Mario Wiki names a lot of them but not all and I was hoping some people could help me fill in the blanks.  Any suggestions? 

Dry Bones                           Bullet Bike or Bullet Bike

Rosalina                               signature Shining Star or Honeycoupe

Bowser Jr.                           Do Not Use, he sucks

Bowser                                 Offroader or Piranha Prowler




Princess Daisy                    Mach Bike

Baby Mario

Baby Luigi                            Bullet Bike

Baby Peach                         Magikruiser or Mini Beast

Baby Daisy                          Bullet Bike

Funky Dong                        Flame Runner or Spear

Donkey Kong    

Diddy Kong



Koopa Troopa


Waluigi                                 Flame Flyer


Toadette                             Magikruiser

King Boo                              Offroader

Dry Bowser                         Flame Flyer or Phantom


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